New foundations

New Foundations is a Home Education group in Cardiff. We meet on Mondays at Cathays Community Center. We are a group for all ages to play sports, do art and socialise with all the other kids who don't go to school. At New Foundations we provide a warm non judgmental environment where all types of  home educators are accepted. We have a strict no bullying policy so that kids and adults can feel safe. We currently open 1 day a week so that kids that home educate can see their friends more often.  At New Foundations we can help you to access support and information about different types of education and help you to work out what works for you and your kids. Meeting other home educating families will help you and your children to gain confidence and give you access to like minded people to share tips and ideas. We provide a friendly environment and a variety of optional activities and opportunities for free play.



New Foundations H.E. is a registered


charity no. 1138591



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